The Rodman Law Group: Business, Blockchain, Cannabis, Securities, and IP Attorneys 

Our Mission

Our Team is committed to providing more than legal representation. We make it a point to understand our clients on a personal level so that we can offer support that goes far beyond clinical legal analysis. At RLG we believe that truly great legal business counsel is only possible when a lawyer understands and respects the client on a personal level. The attorneys at RLG will help you meet all of your goals quickly, effectively, and economically.

I’ve known Dave Rodman personally for 10 years. I have since entrusted with the role of Outside General Counsel for our Cryptocurrency Company. The Rodman Law Group has surpassed all my expectations and Dave and his team consistently go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure we get the best service, the most favorable terms, and the optimal protections. I can confidently say that I plan on being his client for a very long time.” – Ben Lakoff, Intelligent Trading Foundation Head of Finance

My entire professional career I’ve been listening to attorneys tell me what I can’t do. Dave Rodman thinks outside-of-the-box, and consistently brings new ideas, synergy, and novel perspectives to our team. Dave tells me what I CAN do.”
— Dave Soucie, CEO Sans Souci Enterprises

I retained Nadav Aschner of The Rodman Law Group to help me negotiate through a long and complicated business loan contract dispute. Nadav was easy to work with and quickly grasped all of the nuances involved in order to guide me through to a satisfactory resolution. I would recommend the legal services of Mr. Aschner and The Rodman Law Group.” — Sue F.

Dave Rodman is hands down the best attorney I have ever met. He has built a firm of dedicated professionals who have made my business possible. Pleasant Valley Ranch would not exist without The Rodman Law Group.”
— Cotton Koehler, President & CEO Pleasant Valley Ranch

The Rodman Law Group has consistently provided us with high quality legal work and legal advice on a moments notice. Dave Rodman in particular has been quite adept at working on our ever changing timelines and keeping turn around times very low.”
— Rich Allen, Founder CCBA, LLC.

I consider Dave Rodman to be an integral part of my team. Thanks to his guidance, I can focus on making music because I know the legal and the business aspects of my career will always be taken care of.” – Mimic, EDM Producer

I’ve known Dave Rodman of The Rodman Law Group ever since we started working together at Merrill Lynch over 10 years ago. We’ve since both departed that world, myself into the acting field and Dave into law. Almost from the first day of my career as an actor, The Rodman Law Group has been my trusted source of legal counsel for all my endeavors… whether reviewing a film contract to ensure my interests are protected or counseling me on the terms of a management agreement, Dave has always been a tremendous asset to have on my side. He is also a wealth of information and guidance whenever I have questions about the current cryptocurrency markets. Dave has been a lifelong friend that I can count on not only for friendship but also for any legal advice I need, any time, day or night. He even helped me record a self-tape audition when I was traveling in Colorado and in a pinch! He’s a great guy and a hardworking diligent attorney.” – Tom Gipson, Actor

What We’ve Achieved

  • Created and maintained the proper legal entities for numerous clients throughout the world.
  • Developed close ties with the Marijuana Enforcement Division (the “MED”), the Industrial Hemp Division of the Colorado Department of Agriculture, and numerous local regulatory agencies.
  • Advise and guide musicians through record deals.
  • Provided regulatory guidance for successful Token Sales (“ICOs”) across the globe.
  • Provided pertinent information about Regulation A+ obtained from a unique multi-year, in-depth review of the relevant legislation from proposed legislation to enacted law.
  • Guided cannabis clients through the regulatory labyrinth of legal cannabis regulation.
  • Provided in depth analysis of, and assistance with, complex building codes and zoning ordinances.


We ensure regulatory compliance and provide peace of mind.