The Rodman Law Group: Business, Blockchain, Cannabis, Securities, and IP Attorneys 

Our Mission

Our Team is committed to providing more than legal representation. We make it a point to understand our clients on a personal level so that we can offer support that goes far beyond clinical legal analysis. At RLG we believe that truly great legal business counsel is only possible when a lawyer understands and respects the client on a personal level. The attorneys at RLG will help you meet all of your goals quickly, effectively, and economically.



My entire professional career I’ve been listening to attorneys tell me what I can’t do. Dave Rodman thinks outside-of-the-box, and consistently brings new ideas, synergy, and novel perspectives to our team. Dave tells me what I CAN do.
— Dave Soucie, CEO Sans Souci Enterprises


Dave Rodman is hands down the best attorney I have ever met. He has built a firm of dedicated professionals who have made my business possible. Pleasant Valley Ranch would not exist without The Rodman Law Group.
— Cotton Koehler, President & CEO Pleasant Valley Ranch


We assist our clients with regulatory concerns

What We’ve Achieved

  • Created and maintained the proper legal entities for numerous clients throughout the world.
  • Guided cannabis clients through the regulatory labyrinth of legal cannabis regulation.
  • Developed close ties with the Marijuana Enforcement Division (the “MED”), the Industrial Hemp Division of the Colorado Department of Agriculture, and numerous local regulatory agencies.
  • Provided regulatory guidance for successful Token Sales (“ICOs”) across the globe.
  • Provided pertinent information about Regulation A+ obtained from a unique multi-year, in-depth review of the relevant legislation from proposed legislation to enacted law.
  • Provided guidance to musicians on record deals.
  • Provided in depth analysis of, and assistance with, complex building codes and zoning ordinances.


We ensure regulatory compliance and provide peace of mind.