Denver, CO – The Rodman Law Group, LLC announced today that its managing member, David Rodman, has been invited to the Blockchain World Conference in Bangkok, Thailand on December 4, 2017. From legal implication to cutting edge technology, the Conference features speakers with expertise in all aspect of the Blockchain ecosystem and its associated applications. Mr. Rodman will be representing The Rodman Law Group, LLC, which specializes in business, cannabis, cryptocurrency and Blockchain, Intellectual Property, and Securities law.

The Conference offers the opportunity for attendees to learn more about the technology behind, the business of, and the legal implications surrounding cryptocurrency and Blockchain. Topics of note include, decentralization, banking, anonymity, AML, and KYC. Mr. Rodman is honored to have been invited as he sees Blockchain based technology has the potential to be a larger disrupter than cannabis (which is already the fastest growing industry in the United States). Mr. Rodman recognizes the impact that Blockchain based technology will have on all sectors of our lives, but is particularly focused on 1) the issues of securities law and how it relates to cryptocurrency; and 2) the intersection of Blockchain and the cannabis industry. Mr. Rodman will be attending the event with the principals of one of the companies The Rodman Law Group represents, Intelligent Trading Technologies, a Blockchain based company established in the Czech Republic and Bangkok and is thrilled to participate in the introduction of their technology to the world.

The Rodman Law Group has been providing fearless and unmatched legal services to emergent markets since 2014. It is dedicated to providing its clients the most comprehensive and up to date counsel possible to ensure their compliance with regulation, their comprehension of the non-obvious and/or fluid realities of their markets, and that they are able to reach their maximum potential in their industries. The Firm’s work in emergent markets began with cannabis and has extended into industrial hemp, Blockchain, and cryptocurrency. The Firm is not only committed to representing the interests of cryptocurrency companies and cannabis businesses, but is dedicated to the exploration and support of all emergent industries.

About The Rodman Law Group, LLC: The Rodman Law Group is a boutique law firm specializing in Business, Cannabis, Cryptocurrency, Securities, and Intellectual Property Law. We provide unmatched legal counsel, business consulting, and regulatory guidance to our clients. The Rodman Law Group strives to provide our clients with the best legal representation in Colorado. We have found that “working in the gray,” so to speak is what we do best. If you’re ready to push boundaries and explore new ventures, give us a call, we can help you on your journey.

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