DAOs: A Legal Analysis

This article is a law and regulatory focused missive on Distributed Autonomous Organizations (“DAO” or “DAOs”). I want to be clear that we are big fans of these structures and believe that they will have a major impact on our society because they can fundamentally alter how businesses are formed and … Read more about DAOs: A Legal Analysis

Unstoppable Domains: Crypto’s Legal Challenges

Cryptocurrency remains a bleeding-edge industry, but with pioneering decentralized finance, navigating crypto's ever-changing and uncertain regulatory waters still poses signifcant challenges and potential risks. Earlier this month, firm founder and Managing Partner Dave Rodman, joined the team … Read more about Unstoppable Domains: Crypto’s Legal Challenges

Cryptocurrency’s Window in Wyoming  

In recent years, cryptocurrency has gained significant interest and traction via the passage of numerous bills in one of the country’s least populated states – Wyoming. While federal regulatory authorities have struggled to clearly regulate and classify crypto markets, Wyoming has passed over a … Read more about Cryptocurrency’s Window in Wyoming