ETHDenver 2023: Navigating Web3

At this year's ETHDenver Conference, founder and managing member Dave Rodman teamed up with Charged Particles and Bankless Ventures founder Ben Lakoff in a fireside chat on navigating Web3 safely and successfully. Starting with the most common misconceptions present with operating in the Web3 … Read more about ETHDenver 2023: Navigating Web3

DCentral Miami: Just DAO IT!

At this year's DCentral Miami conference, Dave Rodman spoke with fellow experts in the space on all things related to decentralized autonomous organizations ("DAOs"). Joined by Laura Cole with International Blockchain Legal LLP, Moish Peltz of Falcon Rappaport & Berkman PLLC, and Commonwealth's … Read more about DCentral Miami: Just DAO IT!

DeFi Talks with DeFi Dad

Hoping to provide the DeFi and Web3 industries with a review of some of the most current hazards in the space, this week, Dave Rodman sat down with DeFi Dad on the latest "DeFi Talks with DeFi Dad." Beginning with his start in crypto and securities law, Dave analyzes the specter of regulatory … Read more about DeFi Talks with DeFi Dad

Dave Rodman on The O Show

  Recently, firm founder Dave Rodman was invited to join Wendy O of The O Show to discuss the risks and rewards of decentralized autonomous organizations ("DAOs"). Noting the historic precedent of the laws that govern the emerging Web3 and tech space, Dave and Wendy explained DAOs and … Read more about Dave Rodman on The O Show

DAOs: A Legal Analysis

This article is a law and regulatory focused missive on Distributed Autonomous Organizations (“DAO” or “DAOs”). I want to be clear that we are big fans of these structures and believe that they will have a major impact on our society because they can fundamentally alter how businesses are formed and … Read more about DAOs: A Legal Analysis

The Alt Asset Allocation Podcast

On a recent episode of The Alt Asset Allocation Podcast, firm founder Dave Rodman sat down with host Ben Lakoff to look into the current state of cryptocurrency and it's potential regulation. Beginning with Dave's start in crypto 2017 and during the ICO-boom, the two note decentralized finance's … Read more about The Alt Asset Allocation Podcast