The NFT space may be the most unique and wide-ranging area of the blockchain/cryptocurrency from a legal perspective. Given the incredibly broad range of use cases for NFTs, attorneys in the space need a strong background in IP law, securities law, banking law, privacy considerations, and contract law while being technologically adept enough to keep up with the fastest moving area of the blockchain/cryptocurrency which is in and of itself moving at breakneck space.

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At its most basic an NFT is a digital representation of a unique, rare, and indivisible asset. As an asset class, it’s hard to replace any individual NFT. This scarcity is part of what creates the value for many non-fungible assets, although there are so many use cases for NFTs that in other cases scarcity may be a secondary consideration. Our client, Charged Particles, is leading the industry in the financial use case for NFTs and has created a path to on-chain bond issuance. Another client, nft42 (the company behind Avastars) is pioneering the storage of all NFT data (not just meta-data) fully on-chain. We are honored to provide counsel to these innovators.

Our multi-disciplinary blockchain, cryptocurrency, and NFT attorneys advise artists, collectors, protocols, issuers, innovators, investors, and projects on the various intersections of their matter and the law (which varies widely depending on what part of the NFT space they operate in) including but not limited to intellectual property, BSA, securities, corporate, regulatory, compliance, dispute resolution, estate planning and considerations. Our clients range protocol-level projects, companies focused on storing data fully on-chain, developing novel financial products, and bringing liquidity to markets that have traditionally been highly illiquid through NFT technology.

Most importantly, we speak the language of NFT innovators, both legally and technically, and we grasp the technology underlying innovations in the space. We deal with cryptocurrencies, protocols, consensus-based algorithms, DAOs, and smart contracts on a regular basis for our clients. In other words, our clients don’t need to waste their precious time getting counsel up to speed on their projects

Lastly, while we aim to mitigate such situations ahead of time, our team provides regulatory, litigation, and arbitration services in the blockchain and cryptocurrency, and fintech space. We are experienced with the existing and changing regulatory frameworks applicable to individuals and entities operating in or adjacent to this growing area, and we represent individuals and entities in civil litigation and arbitration across the globe and before a wide range of courts, prosecutors, regulators, and agencies.