The Rodman Law Group: International Structuring

In an ever-growing and more pervasive global economy, it is imperative that the incorporation of a new business is approached mindfully and that all options be thoroughly explored before deciding where to locate one’s business. The Rodman Law Group assists clients with selecting the right jurisdiction for their corporate home and advises on structuring strategies to ensure that their businesses are prepared to operate efficiently from day one and can expand with minimal friction.

Malta has some of the most progressive laws regarding DLT and Crypto in the world

We work with businesses seeking to incorporate or expand internationally, regardless of the sector. We take special consideration for companies looking to expand into the DLT/blockchain/cryptocurrency industries, and we bring extensive regulatory and compliance knowledge to the forefront of business jurisdiction and corporate structuring considerations.

When assessing any client’s business’s structure and incorporation location, we take a wholistic approach to the matter. We evaluate the business’s needs and goals; assess risk and help to implement risk minimization strategies; protect investment and privacy; and provide assistance with structuring options and scenarios that prioritize the client’s business and personal needs. After incorporation, we work with our clients to help facilitate introductions to global financial institutions, services providers, trustees, and foreign counsel with whom we’ve established solid working relationships.

We have assisted many clients doing business in the BVIs

We help our clients with:

  • Jurisdictional selection

  • Complex corporate structuring

    • Corporations, LLCs, Foundations, Trusts, and Non-Profits

  • Business incorporation

  • Compliance

    • Regulatory consideration

    • License applications

    • KYC/AML

  • Financial

    • Banking (Onshore and Offshore)

    • Merchant processing

    • Asset protection

    • Trusts

  • Contracts and drafting of legal documents

    • Leases

    • Corporate documents

    • Promissory notes

    • Transfer of ownership

Mauritius has been called Crypto-Island

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