The Rodman Law Group: ICO Counsel

The Rodman Law Group believes in the powerful disruptive capability of cryptocurrency. Our attorneys are experienced in numerous applications of blockchain technology and have embraced the sector as it continues to evolve and expand.  Whether your cryptocurrency already exists or you’re a company wishing to develop a tokenized business model, The Rodman Law Group can help you by addressing your legal needs while you work on advancing your business.

We bring our knowledge of financial and securities regulations to every step of your project, helping to ensure that your Initial Coin Offering(ICO)/Token Generation Event (TGE) remains compliant with various regulatory authorities, which allows you to provide complete transparency in your offering(s). Our attorneys possess in-depth experience with traditional securities exemptions like Regulation A+ and Reg D, as well as cutting edge regulatory schema in forward-thinking jurisdictions like Malta, Mauritius, and Singapore that could prove beneficial to your project. We recommend retaining legal counsel to assist with regulatory compliance from the outset, even as early as the initial strategy formation or implementation of a business plan. We stress compliance and work to achieve a seamless process for your company’s Token Generation Event through our dedicated approach to all of the legal aspects related to the ICO process.

regulation, cannabis, securities, crypto, blockchain, marijuana, security token offering, sto, initial coin offering, ico, sec, securities law, securities lawyer, token, cryptocurrency, blockchainServices We Provide:

  • Company Formation

    • Jurisdictional evaluation – preparation of legal opinions on preferred locations for the establishment of business
    • Advise on methods of operation and corporate structuring
    • Incorporation of business with relevant local authorities
    • Draft relevant corporate documents to include operating documents, articles of incorporation, loan agreements, financing documents, Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) documents, and more
  • Banking

    • Introductions to banks
    • Compiling necessary documents for application and submission for acceptance to global banking institutions
  • ICO/TGE Legal Drafting

    • Token Purchase Agreement, Terms of Use, Privacy Policy
    • Pre-ICO Crowd Token Offer; Crowd Token Offer Agreement
    • Subscription agreements; User Agreements
    • Employment agreements; Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs)
    • Investor documents; Personal Data Policies;
    • Partnership agreements
    • Private Placement Memorandums
    • Profit distribution documentation
  • White Paper and Website Review

    • Compliance
    • Legal analysis
    • Legal disclaimers

    • Compliance
    • Advising and solutions on issues of capital raise and investor qualifications
  • Exchange Listing

    • Preparation of proper paperwork; filing; registering with regulatory/governmental agencies
    • Assist with negotiations with exchanges
  • Risk Assessment

    • Evaluation of risks at all levels of operation and legal opinions on best practices to mitigate risks in a variety of areas, including tax burdens, local authorities, regulatory agencies, and more
    • Compliance measures in all areas and stages of the venture and ICO development through the offering and exchange listing
  • SEC Registration and Ongoing Compliance

    • Evaluate ICO to ensure proper SEC classification
    • Private Placement Memorandum (PPM) under Reg. D
    • Reg A+ Registration
  • Trademark and Copyright Services

    • Protect valuable Intellectual Property (IP) by researching opportunities to file for relevant trademarks and copyrights, when applicable
Ensure Regulatory Compliance

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