Example of a Packaged Sample

Colorado bill 18-1259 allows both medical and recreational cultivation facilities and marijuana-infused products manufacturers to provide managers with samples of the product for free. Up to five managers per month per facility would be eligible to receive cannabis samples for the purposes of quality control. Prior to the new law, cannabis employees wishing to sample the strains available would have to purchase them for one cent from the dispensary in order to create a receipt so that the “sale” could be properly tracked in the Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division’s (MED) METRC system.

The bill prohibits managers from consuming any of the product onsite, as well as prohibiting any transfer of the samples to anyone else. The managers also aren’t allowed to exceed the existing one ounce personal possession limit. The bill does not allow the samples to be considered as part of the manager’s compensation.

The bill was sponsored by State Representative Matt Gray and Senator Vicki Marble. Representative Gray said that this new law cuts out a lot of unnecessary steps, saying,  “I have never been in one of these stores, but if you work in a restaurant and you want to see if the soup of the day is any good, then the chefs and managers can taste it to decide if they should change it or how to market it.”

The bill was signed into law on April 30, 2018, and is scheduled to go into effect on August 8. This is a common sense law that should have been enacted years ago, it is fantastic to see progress like this.

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