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Entertainment law is a specific subset of Intellectual Property law and its practice involves an amalgamation of Business, Copyright, and Trademark law. We provide representation to artists who work in any and all mediums. Our firm and all of its employees share a passion for all aspects of the musical world and we have industry connections that we can share with our clients as we help them to become as successful as possible. Whether you are brand new with a fresh sound looking for that first record deal or an established artist looking to license their likeness or logo to monetize their brand, The Rodman Law Group can provide counsel and guidance to suit your needs.

The Rodman Law Group understands that remaining competitive in the ever-changing entertainment industry, entertainment professionals and businesses must be backed by strong contractual agreements to protect valuable intellectual property (IP) and ensure mutually beneficial working relationships and proper compensation.

The Rodman Law Group assists with all manners of transactional entertainment law, whether it’s employment, securities, IP, contracts, or anything in between. We represent clients in all areas of the entertainment industry, from music producers to filmmakers and beyond.

What We Do

  • Contracts (drafting and negotiation): Talent agreements, recording agreements, licensing agreements, writing agreements, non-disclosure agreements, and more.
  • Financing: All types of investment areas and financing agreements such as sponsorships, grants, bank and financial institutions, and more.
  • Distribution: Draft and negotiation of distribution deals.
  • Draft and review release documents for a variety of situations, including appearances and location releases.
  • General business counsel: entity formation, copyright and trademark, compliance, licensing and branding, and more.

I consider Dave Rodman to be an integral part of my team. Thanks to his guidance, I can focus on making music because I know the legal and the business aspects of my career will always be taken care of.

  • Mimic, EDM Producer

I’ve known Dave Rodman of The Rodman Law Group ever since we started working together at Merrill Lynch over 10 years ago.  We’ve since both departed that world, myself into the acting field and Dave into law. Almost from the first day of my career as an actor, The Rodman Law Group has been my trusted source of legal counsel for all my endeavors… whether reviewing a film contract to ensure my interests are protected or counseling me on the terms of a management agreement, Dave has always been a tremendous asset to have on my side. He is also a wealth of information and guidance whenever I have questions about the current cryptocurrency markets. Dave has been a lifelong friend that I can count on not only for friendship but also for any legal advice I need, any time, day or night. He even helped me record a self-tape audition when I was traveling in Colorado and in a pinch! He’s a great guy and a hardworking diligent attorney.

  • Tom Gipson, Actor

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