Vape and Play, the second social marijuana consumption establishment to open in Denver, received the city licensing director’s sign off on August 24, 2018, paving the way for the business to open this fall at 1753 S. Broadway. The license was approved by Denver’s executive director of the Department of Excise and Licenses, Ashley Kilroy.

Vape and Play co-owner Taylor Rosean told The Denver Post that the lounge will feature a “multi-station, saloon-style vape bar.” Vape and Play will be located in an area of Denver that has been termed “The Green Mile” due to the number of cannabis businesses that line that part of Broadway. The licensing of the business was endorsed by the Overland Park Neighborhood Association, who placed some conditions on the operation of the business.

Denver voters passed Initiative 300 in 2016, allowing businesses to apply for a license allowing adult marijuana consumption in designated areas. Since the Initiative was passed, only one other business, The Coffee Joint, has received approval from the city. That business is located in a primarily industrial area due to the restrictions that restrict businesses to certain locations, including a required 1,000-foot buffer that prohibits licensees from operating near schools, park facilities, drug treatment centers, and licensed child cares.

Rosean told The Denver Post, “This will be one of the first legal spaces for tourists, eager to partake in our cannabis culture, to safely and legally consume the products they are already purchasing here as they visit. Not to mention we will be providing a space for locals who rent and are not allowed to consume on their property per their lease, or just for people who would like to enjoy cannabis in a space that isn’t their living room.”

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