From Automated Market Makers (“AMMs”), bankless lending, yield farming, on-chain options, fair launches, to non-traditional payment networks, insurance platforms, key infrastructural development, marketplaces, and novel investment platforms, the decentralized finance (“DeFi”) ecosystem represents the cutting edge of the blockchain space and heralds a new era in global finance.

The attorneys at The Rodman Law Group are huge proponents of the DeFi revolution on both a professional and a personal level. As a part of our overarching blockchain practice, DeFi projects especially excite us.

Crypto has promised to “democratize finance” since at least 2016. With the rise of DeFi we believe that the original promise of an alternative decentralized financial system that offers equal access to financial services globally, transparently, in a non-censorable manner is finally upon us.

While the goal of the DeFi ecosystem is to become “trustless,” and programmable through the deployment of smart contracts that establish and enforce duties, rights, and terms, the need for expert legal counsel has never been more pronounced.

DeFi platforms and the financial instruments they offer may contain centralized components – such as centralized custody, administration, protocol development, interest rates, margin calls, price feeds, etc. Additionally, regulators are still far from adapting to the concept of a deregulated DeFi infrastructure and tokenized assets, so existing law, some of which is nearly a century old, must be interpreted and be applied to the DeFi ecosystem.

Our multi-disciplinary blockchain, cryptocurrency, and DeFi attorneys advise issuers, innovators, investors, projects, asset managers, and exchanges on matters including:

  • BSA
  • Securities
  • Corporate
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Estate Planning
  • Intellectual property

Our clients range from companies launching initial coin offerings (“ICOs“), “fair launch” projects, companies innovating in new areas on-chain, veteran investors looking to build a more robust asset and succession structure for their accumulated wealth, and new investors in the space.

Most importantly, we speak the language of DeFi, both legally and technically, and we grasp the technology underlying innovations in the space. We deal with cryptocurrencies, protocols, consensus-based algorithms, DAOs, and smart contracts on a regular basis for our clients. In other words, our clients don’t need to waste their precious time getting counsel up to speed on their projects

Lastly, while we aim to mitigate such situations ahead of time, our team provides regulatory, litigation, and arbitration services in the blockchain, cryptocurrency, and fintech space. We are experienced with the existing and changing regulatory frameworks applicable to individuals and entities operating in or adjacent to this growing area, and we represent individuals and entities in civil litigation and arbitration across the globe and before a wide range of courts, prosecutors, regulators, and agencies.


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