Distributed Ledger Technology and Cryptocurrency Counsel

RLG proudly represents companies throughout the world in all aspects of the DLT/Crypto space. We have worked with companies that have successfully completed ICOs, have started crypto-funds and funds of funds, and have recently been breaking new legal ground for novel approaches to democratizing early stage investing.  For more information on our services, please contact us today!

Generally speaking, technology becomes widespread in use by a given market long before it can be regulated in legal systems. Even after regulation, years pass before applicable legal precedent can be established by the justice system. It swings like a pendulum: first, there is a breakout in the use of the technology, followed by a frantic, often draconian over regulation, and then a return to a normalization within the market as fear of the new technology subsides.

The Rodman Law Group comes from an industry in which legalization and public sentiment played huge roles in the initial legislation and the slow but sure normalization, and with our firsthand experience with the speed of legislative change in the cannabis industry, we know that laws can outpace technology in creating a market. The decision to jump with both feet into the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency market was natural, given our success in the cannabis field and our curiosity about the massive growth potential that we see in this growing industry. Just like cannabis is still federally illegal in the US, there is much about the world of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency that has yet to be legislated and regulated; we are eager to be a pioneer in this process and to assist in adding our voices to these issues.

That was a longwinded introduction to The Rodman Law Group’s Blockchain and Cryptocurrency practice, but while many other law firms are quietly “testing the waters” as to representing Blockchain based companies or guardedly discussing that they may be willing to represent cryptocurrency companies, they are reticent about actually participating in the market, or in some cases clearly want to represent such clients but can’t shake the fear of risk.

Their hesitancy is understandable: cryptocurrency is new; it’s exciting and scary, and it’s not well regulated or easily understood. In other words, it is a giant leap into a far “riskier” practice area and law firms are traditionally very conservative. The Rodman Law Group is unique in that respect, because of our experiences in legal gray areas such as the cannabis market. We know that there are pitfalls and rewards to being a pioneer; we know which boundaries to let our clients push; and we know how to operate in a compliant and neat manner, while also helping clients set precedents in their industries.

When it comes right down to it, The Rodman Law Group isn’t “thinking” or “talking” about representing cryptocurrency companies. We proudly represent cryptocurrency clients in five countries including the US, a few of whom have successfully completed Initial Coin Offerings, or “ICOs.” We back up our gray area experience with tried and true securities law knowledge. We ensure that our clients avoid falling afoul of regulators, that their investors (or contributors as the case may be) stay happy, and we allow them to charge into uncharted territory and to reap the rewards associated with their exploratory constitution.

Mr. Rodman is particularly adept at determining a company’s risk profile in regard to the “Acronyms”: the SEC, CFTC, FACTA, AML, KYC, as well as adept at finding venture capital for nascent projects and working with clients to get the maximum reward with as little risk as possible.

We believe that Blockchain based technology and Cryptocurrency have the ability to be bigger disruptors than cannabis, and there is nothing we like more than disrupting the status quo and establishing new markets and working with first movers. We provide counsel were others balk; we take action where others talk; we embrace the gray (and we also accept cryptocurrency as payment).