Crypto Markets are Imploding

Forbes just published an article at 7:16 am this morning about Bitcoin hitting $10,000 by end of "Blockchain week" in New York. This sentiment has been echoed by many news outlets over the past few days. One has to wonder, when it comes to big media, is it actually one big echo chamber? Perhaps the … Read more about Crypto Markets are Imploding

Dave Rodman Interview with Bitsonline at CryptoCannabis Conference The Rodman Law Group's managing member, David Rodman, spoke to Bitsonline at the recent CryptoCannabis Conference about the current state of cannabis and cryptocurrency. Watch the full interview above! Bitsonline: If you’re fundraising or considering an ICO to … Read more about Dave Rodman Interview with Bitsonline at CryptoCannabis Conference

SEC Chairman Weighs In…

The cryptocurrency industry has received very little information concerning how the Securities and Exchange Commission (the “SEC”) will regulate digital currency or Initial Coin Offerings “(ICO’s”). On April, 5, the SEC chairman Jay Clayton gave the industry another glimpse of how cryptocurrencies … Read more about SEC Chairman Weighs In…

How Secure is Monero?

The massive uptick in the public’s awareness of blockchain and cryptocurrency was recently driven home for me in an extremely personal way. I usually find myself dreading the mere mention of those words in social situations (with pretty much anyone) simply due to the fact that I know I will … Read more about How Secure is Monero?

Boehner, Weld Join Cannabis Company Advisory Board

No, your weed isn't laced with PCP and this is definitely not an article written by the onion. Former US House Speaker John Boehner has completely flip-flopped (as he was so fond of saying at one time) in regards to his views on the legalization of cannabis. Wait for it... Boehner has announced … Read more about Boehner, Weld Join Cannabis Company Advisory Board

Proposed Bill Would Legalize Hemp in US

During a press conference at the US Hemp Roundtable in Frankfort, Kentucky, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell announced a plan to introduce legislation next week that would protect and advance hemp production in the United States. The proposed Hemp Farming Act of 2018 would "finally legalize … Read more about Proposed Bill Would Legalize Hemp in US

Vive la Blockchain!

France has shown unprecedented enthusiasm for blockchain technologies and the opportunities they presented, specifically Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs). While China and South Korea have banned ICOs altogether, and limitations and uncertainty cloud the regulation of ICOs in the United States, France … Read more about Vive la Blockchain!