The Rodman Law Group is a Business Law firm through and through. All of our practice areas and specialties support different types of business and different aspects of those businesses.

Business is the lifeblood of our civilization. All business has traditionally been based on agreements between people, entities, and governments… it is not hyperbole to say that a business is truly only as strong as its contracts.

The Rodman Law Group excels in contract negotiation because we zealously advocate for our clients and our goal is to conclude all negotiations with the fewest concessions as possible. That being said, we recognize the realities of doing business in the modern world and we work hard to be facilitators of transactions rather than obstacles to them. We make a concerted effort not to succumb to that common lawyer ailment known as “No Disease.” We like to say “Yes” as much as we are able while still mitigating as much risk as possible.

The nature of our firm and the skills we have cultivated have given us a unique toolbox that allows us to help our clients achieve their goals quickly and effectively, as the overlap of our practice areas usually leads to synergy and efficiency. When a single firm handles everything from protecting IP (excluding patent issues), to drafting employment agreements, to closing deals with suppliers, to utilizing securities law to maximize fundraising potential, to getting a product/service to market, that firm can identify redundancies quickly and facilitate their elimination.

No matter what your industry, no matter what stage of development you are in, The Rodman Law Group is equipped to handle all of your business needs.

The Rodman Law Group has consistently provided us with high quality legal work and legal advice on a moments notice. Dave Rodman in particular has been quite adept at working on our ever changing timelines and keeping turn around times very low.
— Rich Allen, Founder CCBA, LLC.

What We’ve Achieved

  • Counseled about the creation of legal entities for client businesses, and facilitated the necessary state and federal business registrations.
  • Guided cannabis clients through the regulatory labyrinth that is the Marijuana Enforcement Division (MED) – managed application processes in a variety of local jurisdictions as well.
  • Developed close ties with the Industrial Hemp Division of the Colorado Department of Agriculture.
  • Provided pertinent information about Regulation A+ obtained from a unique perspective.
  • Advised industrial chef on how to protect proprietary recipes and ingredient information when entering into negotiations with a national food distributor and grocery store chain.
  • Authored opinions regarding ICOs/Token Sales statuses as securities/non-securities using the Howey test for those companies to list their tokens on international exchanges.
  • Provided guidance to musicians on record deals.
  • Authored operating agreements to ensure that clients’ interests are protected from the beginning of company formation to ensure the success of their ventures.
  • Advised IP law firm on methods to legally and ethically benefit from their clients’ outside endeavors.
  • Facilitated and strengthened business to business relationships through introductions and opportunities.