Proposition 122 Passes in Colorado

This past November, Colorado voters approved the legalization of psilocybin mushrooms for personal and medical use. The Natural Medicine Health Act, commonly referred to as Proposition 122 (“Prop 122”) decriminalized the personal use and possession – for adults 21 and older – of … Read more about Proposition 122 Passes in Colorado

RLG Joins Mona x NFT.NYC

While at NFT.NYC 2022, firm founder Dave Rodman met up with 3D world-building platform and web3 social network Mona to discuss intellectual property concerns for NFTs. In a panel titled "IP, NFTs, and the Metaverse," Dave was joined by Nixon Peabody LLP's Eliana Torres and moderated by Soul Curry … Read more about RLG Joins Mona x NFT.NYC

NFT Summit 2022: OG NFTs Discussing Regulations & Copyright Law

Earlier this month, attorney David Rodman met with fellow industry experts Bianca Lessard (CoFounder at 0x Society, Lawyer at Renno&Co), Julian So (Group CEO of XBE), and Manfred Mantschev (Advisor, Liti Capital) to discuss the international NFT community's common regulatory questions at GDA … Read more about NFT Summit 2022: OG NFTs Discussing Regulations & Copyright Law

DeFi Talks with DeFi Dad

Hoping to provide the DeFi and Web3 industries with a review of some of the most current hazards in the space, this week, Dave Rodman sat down with DeFi Dad on the latest "DeFi Talks with DeFi Dad." Beginning with his start in crypto and securities law, Dave analyzes the specter of regulatory … Read more about DeFi Talks with DeFi Dad

RLG at ETHDenver 2022

Last month, the firm took part in the largest and longest running ETH event in the world - ETHDenver. Participating as both sponsors and as a speaker, firm founder Dave Rodman joined the multi-day summit to speak on the "Web3 and the Law: Navigating Legal Issues in DAOs, NFTs, and Blockchain" panel … Read more about RLG at ETHDenver 2022

Dave Rodman on The O Show

  Recently, firm founder Dave Rodman was invited to join Wendy O of The O Show to discuss the risks and rewards of decentralized autonomous organizations ("DAOs"). Noting the historic precedent of the laws that govern the emerging Web3 and tech space, Dave and Wendy explained DAOs and … Read more about Dave Rodman on The O Show

DCentral Miami: Are Your NFTs Legal?

2021 was a groundbreaking year for decentralized finance ("DeFi"). Whether it was the rise of altcoins, the explosion of non-fungible tokens (“NFTs"), or the first looks into the metaverse - DeFi has officially captured the imagination of industry veterans and the broader public alike. With … Read more about DCentral Miami: Are Your NFTs Legal?

NFTs & IP – NFT.NYC 2021

Earlier this month, firm founder Dave Rodman attended the 2-day NFT extravaganza NFT.NYC 2021 hosted in Times Square. Joined by experts Stuart Levi and Ghaith Mahmood in panel moderated by Voice CEO Salah Zalatimo, the group analyzed the intersection of intellectual property and Web3 through … Read more about NFTs & IP – NFT.NYC 2021