Man Builds Hemp Sports Car!

Those of you who know me or my firm know how fascinated and passionate I am about Hemp. I always preface any rant on the subject with something like, “I swear I’m not a hippie”  and then proceed to ramble on enthusiastically about the wonders of Hemp and how it will change the world once its produced on a massive scale again

Well add this one to the list: While certain auto-manufacturers have been making parts of cars out of Hemp recently, the gentleman in the following video made an entire car body out of the material. And it’s not like that’s even cutting edge tech! Henry Ford experimented with Hemp cars that were not only made from Hemp, but were powered by Hemp as well. The material is so durable that it is actually harder to dent than steel! Not to mention the fact that it is lighter than fiberglass. 

Now we just need a big oil company to make fuel out of it and BAAM, we will have cutting edge technology on par with what we had in the 40s….

Check out this video.



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